Final Project Outcome

OVERVIEW/GOALS: The banana cart project was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to me. My goal when I began this project was to spread awareness of food issues in Alfred, particularly in regards to the lack of organic fair trade bananas. To me, eating a food product that is produced at the expense of someone else’s life is not okay. By communicating with people about this issue directly, the project brought awareness and knowledge to the community of Alfred. It is important for people to know where the food that they are consuming comes from. I believe that it is never too much to ask that a fair trade food product be available as an alternative to companies like Dole. I feel proud having made this food available to the Alfred community along with Corran Shrimpton, Noah Heyman, and Jeffery Close.


INFORMATION: This poster was designed by Jeffery Close. We displayed this so that people could easily come and gather information about the message of the banana stand. We also included our banana bread recipe for anyone curious enough to try it out. Information gathered from

rainbow-banana-trees-big-island DSC_0136_zpspz16yvua


DISPLAY: We set up the cart in three different locations: Terra Cotta, Alfred State Student Leadership Center, and Powell Campus Center. We strung the bananas up so that they were hanging from the stand. In addition to the bananas, we made banana bread and muffins to hand out as well. A small slot was made in the front of the cart in case people felt they should donate money in order to continue fair trade banana distribution on campus.


TRANSPORTATION: Although we successfully got the cart to all three planned locations, getting to those places was NOT easy. Watch how we got the cart from one place to another.

PUBLIC RESPONSE: Everyone was so receptive to the information we were attempting to spread in the Alfred community. Many people came up to the stand wanting to know more about fair trade goods.

OUTCOME: We distributed ALL of the bananas and the banana bread!! Overall we collected 41 dollars from the stand. With this money, we hope to bring the stand back! Provided we get permission from Alfred University, we will order more organic fair trade bananas and give them out on hotdog day. More information will follow as times and dates are solidified. I believe that by distributing these organic fair trade bananas to the community of Alfred, we successfully spread awareness about the problems with non-fair trade companies like Dole. We also were able to fill people’s bellies in the process, which is always a good thing. YAY BANANAS!

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The Money is in the Banana Stand

Lately I’ve had bananas on the brain. It came to my attention a few months ago that the leading fresh fruit producer and trading company, Dole Foods, operates under a slave trade system. Plantation workers have extremely low wages, unpaid overtime, and zero benefits. This is in addition to toxic chemicals being sprayed as pesticides; endangering of the lives of workers as well as destroying the environment. Unfortunately it has proven to be unnecessarily difficult to get my hands on fair trade bananas while I’m at school. I’ve decided to base my next art project on spreading knowledge about where to get fair trade bananas on campus as an alternative to companies like Dole. This is just one of the food issues found at Alfred University. So in order to better the community of Alfred, Corran Shrimpton, Jeffrey Close, Noah Heyman, and I built a banana stand! We special ordered certified fair trade urocal Eco life bananas from the local grocery supplier in the town of Alfred. We plan on wheeling our fair trade banana stand around various locations in Alfred while handing out bananas. Be on the lookout for the cart and come get yourself a banana and a lesson about fair trade goods!


Also check out these websites for more information! 

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Alfred Interviews

For my next project I explored what Alfred has to offer from other people’s perspectives. I interviewed Victoria Hayes who works as a casheer. I also interviewed Patsy Cowen and Jen Cromwell who are both students at Alfred University. They each give their own unique perspective on living in Alfred and what kinds of things they need while living here.


The weather in Alfred is one of the worst things about living here according to Victoria.



Patsy said that a warm place to sleep is one of the things Alfred provides as a resource.



The ceramics studio is one of the best resources Alfred has to offer.


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Resource Map

Collaborative pieces are not always easy. When working in a group on a project, it is important to remember that each person is facing their own challenges with the project. Learn to compromise. Working with Jazmyn Palermo, Corran Shrimpton, Noah Heyman, and Amber Simmons turned out to be a great experience. Everyone incorporated themselves fluidly in the project. In order to create a resource map, we designed a spaceship or “The Mother Ship” made of fabric to represent Harder Hall. We chose to do this because Harder Hall contains many of the resources we will use and learn about as art students at Alfred University. Harder Hall is like the mother ship to all art students.  The pictures below document the experience of making “The Mother Ship.”

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Love Letter

I was asked to write a love letter to a place in Alfred University. I decided to take this idea of place and extend it beyond Alfred. I visited my dad in Rochester and decided to write my love letter to the two floored Barnes and Noble that resides near my father’s house. My father and I used to go there constantly when I was growing up. We bonded over books about fantasy lands and mystical beings. If the truth were told that’s one of the only things we related to each other about. So I went there with my father again. I sat in my favorite chair. I smelled the pages of the thousands of books in the store. I sipped my tea and wrote about my love for this amazing establishment. In my letter I spoke of how important it is to keep book stores alive because they are fading all too quickly with the continual rise of the digital age. I carefully folded the letter into thirds and tucked it away in a book of Maya Angelou poems.

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For this assignment I was required to measure many things in different ways. I traced the measurements in order to make comparisons. For instance, you can see from what I drew that a nickel has a bigger circumference than a ring that fits my index finger. I enjoyed making measurements through comparisons to other objects around it.

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Reading Piece

Instructions: Get a partner (two or more). Reading Piece. A group of players read aloud, from any text or texts, for a long while. Everyone reads at once. Continue until the activity has become something else.

Partners: Corran Shrimpton and Molly Mayfield.

Link to a video of the three of us doing as the instructions directed found on this Youtube page:

We all found that while reading aloud at the same time, it was difficult to focus on what each individual person was saying. I personally could barely understand what I was trying to say. None of what we were saying had any meaning when all the words were mashed together.

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